In times of economic recession it is even more important to understand who your customer is. The financial situation in new or existing business relationships can be very valuable; it can mean the difference between a long-term healthy business relationship and a big default of your customer. Your customer is relates to whether or not they are a proprietorship, partnership, corporation, subsidiary or division. Each of these entities are often misunderstood by credit managers in the process of evaluating risk. 

IRM Credit Solutions can support you in making the right credit risk decisions. Our organization is specialized in various industries, such as oil, production of capital goods, telecom, trading energy and commodities. IRM Credit Solutions’ mission is to optimize the credit risk management of its clients, with the ultimate goal of improving their working capital and cash flow.

  • Advice and improvement of the Credit Risk Management by reviewing the Order to Cash process;
  • The credit risk QuickScan will support, advise and offer recommendations to optimize the current accounts receivable investment;
  • Optimizing working capital for your company;
  • Providing and developing trainings related to the various credit risk management subject such as acceptance of new and existing customers, monitoring risks and the collection of outstanding invoices (dunning) and managing risk throughout the world.

What we do

IRM Credit Solutions is an experienced consultancy in credit risk management and has worked for a large number of multinational companies. Our organization has a mission to optimize the credit risk management of its clients, with the ultimate goal of improving their working capital. Since 2000, IRM Credit Solutions focused on energy and commodity credit risk management.

In 2008 IRM Credit Solutions was founded by Ronald van Megen, who is a veteran of credit risk management with more than 20 years of experience. He has worked for several multinational companies, where he was responsible for European strategic and operational credit risk management. Besides working for IRM Credit Solutions, Ronald van Megen is a lecturer at the Rotterdam Business School for Finance and Risk in the MBA programme.