IRM Credit Solutions provides a unique training opportunity for each customer, perfectly tailored to meet the needs of individuals within organizations. This will result in an efficient and effective training program, IRM Credit Solutions currently offers three types of training:

Credit Risk Management Training

This is the most comprehensive training , covering all aspects of the debtors such as:

  • The setting up of the accounts receivable process;
  • To assess the credit risks of customers (and suppliers);
  • Developing a thorough collection process.

Acceptance of Customers (assessment of counter party)

Accepting clients begins with setting up a review policy. The emphasis in this course is therefore to:

  • Developing an assessment policy;
  • Deliver an authorization matrix of risk and exposure;
  • Provide a financial analysis;
  • Determining the credit.

Collection of Outstanding Invoices

This training is about setting up a collection process for customers. Participants are trained in:

  • Distinguishing between the various stages of the collection process;
  • Writing a collection letter;
  • The transfer to a collection agency;
  • Training of telephonic collection calls.